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Thursday, January 24


Comming up....


Little matroushka dolls to buy...Real soon!
If you want to see more take a peek on Heleen's blog.

Thursday, January 10

New BAG models

Just finished the last messenger bags, So here they are... The first bags in our shop!

I made them from a woollen vest, ribbons and firm cotton fabric I bought at the oilily outlet store some time ago.

Bag 1. The "the sleevefront messenger-bag"

Prize; €74,- ($110,-)

height 29 cm. width 36 cm.
This bag has two little side pockets.

The backside has a
detachable pocket


Bag 2. The "Two frontpocket messenger-bag"

Prize; €68,- ($100,-)

Height 29 cm. width 36 cm.
The bag has a little side pocket

Back side


Bag 3. The "Red pocket messenger-bag"

Prize; €68,- ($100,-)

Height 29 cm. width 36 cm.
This bag has one side pocket.


All the bags are lined with typical red Dutch cotton fabric. And they all have a inside pocket with a little mobile pocket.

The shoulderband is
adjusable with velcro.

If you like one of these bags just mail us.

Sunday, January 6

Tiny hand puppet bears

three hand puppet teddy's
Three tiny hand puppet bears.

Each bear is made from 100% cotton teddy, ears and soles are also 100% cotton fabric.
They are all hand size tall and very soft.

Tiny teddy

Meet Basje, he's a funny little guy always in for some adventure.
"I'm sorry, I'm off to live with a new friend". (Sold)

Tiny teddy

Meet Suzie, she is just the sweetest little cuddle bear you can imagine.
€ 18.50 excl. shipping

Tiny teddy

Meet Wiesje, she is a little bit shy and loves to giggle.
€ 18.50 excl. shipping